Viasis BASIC-D

The Ultra-Light: with data storage

The only 6.5 kg all-aluminium casing and its robust carrying handle makes transportation and installation a breeze. Viasis BASIC-D is ideal for a mobile use within city limits. Data storage and colour change (yellow/red), if the speed limit is exceeded

Technical specification

Double digit high performance LED display with automatic adaptation of brightness speed range 5-99 km/h or 3-99 mph. LED digit height 23cm

Special designed protection mask for excellent visibility even under strong sunlight

Data storage for more than 1,800,000 measured speed values including date and time information

Data interface for a swift data transfer

Communication and analysis software viagraph

Adjustable parameters for min. and max. displayed speed, yellow and red LED display and blinking display if the speed limit is exceeded

Battery level indicator

LED colour change if speed limit is exceeded


Bluetooth or GSM communication

Relays to control ancillary equipment

(Key switch (on/off

(Flash light (orange

(230 V power supply (pluggable or fixed

Solar power supply


(Data buffer II (data transfer at the push of a button

(Battery charger (with automatic charge control

(Battery 12/17Ah (with reverse battery protection

Aluminium tripod

(Lockable mounting kit (for poles diameter 40-160 mm

(Flightcase (small

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