Viafalcon PLUS

Microprocessor controlled radar detector for real-time data output of vehicle speed, profile value for vehicle classification and net time gap, as well as movement and speed signalisation through signal outputs. Detects approaching and / or leaving vehicles (detection direction adjustable). Viafalcon PLUS 2 (11° x 11° antenna) for mounting in an overhead position with a lane selective round radar spot. Viafalcon PLUS 3 (11° x 18° antenna) with higher distance range for mounting in overhead or sidefire position with an elliptic radar spot on the lane

The viafalcon PLUS is delivered with various interfaces, e.g. RS232 (standard), RS232 + relay, RS232 + 3 optocouplers, serial current loop (tty) or RS422. The tracking mode delivers speed values and set the signal outputs (relay or 3 optocouplers) accordingly to the thresholds

The counting mode used in a typical measurement angle of 45° delivers the vehicle speed at beam entrance, the profile value for vehicle classification and the inter-vehicle net time gap at beam exit

Additionally the relay or the 3 optocouplers are set according the programmed speed and length thresholds. The 3 optocoupler indicate object detected, speed threshold exceeded, profile value exceeded. The detection sensitivity is adjustable

Applications of the Viafalcon Plus

Traffic management systems, traffic data measurements vehicle counting and classification, net time gap, road occupation, distance calculation

Traffic jam warning, tunnel surveillance

Traffic density and travel time calculation

Numeric speed displays, traffic counter and classifier systems

(Intelligent warning signs and variable message signs (VMS

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