Viafalcon NET

Microprocessor controlled radar detector with network communication for use in traffic management systems. Its RS 485 multipoint communication supplies nearly real-time data for a traffic controller.

Every viafalcon NET is assigned with a unique network address on the network bus with up to 15 detectors. Viafalcon NET 2 (11° x 11° antenna) for mounting in an overhead position with a lane selective round radar spot is particularly suitable on dual carriageways or multi-lane motorways. Viafalcon NET 3 (11° x 18° antenna) for mounting in overhead or sidefire position with an elliptic radar spot on the lane.

With a typical measurement angle of 45° delivers speed, profile value for vehicle classification and inter-vehicle net time gap when a vehicle passes the beam.

Detects approaching and / or leaving vehicles (detection direction is adjustable). The detection sensitivity is adjustable. A RS 485 / RS 232 network adapter for a simple PC connection is optionally available

Applications of the Viafalcon Net

Radar detector network connected to traffic management systems

Radar detector network connected to traffic computer systems single vehicle data, vehicle counting and classification, speed, net time gap

Traffic jam warning, wrong direction driver warning

Tunnel surveillance

Traffic density and travel time calculation

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